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Rana Demiriz was born in 1995 in İstanbul. Because of her parents hotel managements in Marmaris, she completed most of her education there.

She graduated ranking 1st from the secondary school ‘Şehit Ahmet Benler İlköğretim Okulu’ and started Halıcı Ahmet Urkay High School. She was interested in fine arts and literature and with the help of lots of readings she wrote her first book ‘Gölgedeki Işıklar’ (Lights in the Shadow) at age 14 and it was published in the same year. This success was the first in Turkey, created a lot of reactions so the national press paid attention quite a while. Hence she is also a role model for her coevals, she was given a special award from the Prime Ministry. Additionally, Marmaris Municipality, MARTAB and İçmeler Municipality gave awards to her for her contributions to promotions of Marmaris.

This success of Rana’s also created a lot of reactions in İstanbul. She completed her High School education in İstanbul with the support of Doğa College.

Her second novel ‘Gölgedeki Işıklar II- YÜZLEŞME’ (Lights In the Shadow II- Confrontation) was published at age 15 and this was the proof that her success was not a coincidence. The national press used ‘The Genius Girl of Marmaris’ headlines for her for a long time. After that her 3rd novel ‘Gölgedeki Işıklar III- Donmuş Ateş’ (Lights in the Shadow III- Frozen Fire) was published at age 16. Young novelist was paid attention again by national press and was a subject for questions at many quiz shows on TV. She has been an inspiration and a role model for the young people who are interested in literature. She takes the mission of ‘love the reading and books’ and she believes reading books bring success. She gave a lot of seminars and joined TV broadcasts for this purpose.

 When IDEA Youth Forum, which is supported by UN organized in İstanbul, they introduced Rana to the world as ‘Turkish Prodigy’. She honored this title with her 4th novel ‘Gölgedeki Işıklar IV- Kutsal Denge’ (Lights in the Shadow IV- The Sacred Balance) and be the first in the world who wrote four novel before age 17.

She also interested in fine arts and attended many art exhibitions.

She is the first who saw herself in textbooks as a question when she had prepared for university exam in 2013.

She has given seminars about ‘how to gain reading habit, the love of reading books, being a young author, how to be successful at school without going to the training centers’ in many schools all around the Turkey since 2010.

She has continued her education at Koç University Department of Archaeology and History of Art.


20-25 April 2007- Günseli Top Studio Group Exhibiton

12-18 February 2008- Günseli Top Studio Group Exhibiton

22-28 April 2008- Günseli Top Studio Group Exhibiton

7-17 May 2008- Günseli Top Studio Group Exhibiton

15-22 April 2009- Ranking 1st at art competition of the ‘Week of Tourism’

19-20 May 2009- Netsel Marina Street Exhibiton

22 May 2009- Ranking 1st at City Debate Competition

June 2009- graduated ranking 1st from the Secondary School

18 January 2010- Her first novel ‘Gölgedeki Işıklar’ was introduced to the press.

22 January 2010- an award from İçmeler Municipality

12 February 2010- Günseli Top Studio Group Exhibiton and autograph session

10 April 2010- an award from MARTAB

24 April 2010- TÜYAP book fair at İzmir autograph session.

7 May 2010- an award from Marmaris district governorship

25 May 2010- honored by Prime Ministry

28 May 2010- An award from Marmaris District National Education Directorate

11 June 2010- Günseli Top Studio Group Exhibiton

4 August 2010- An award from MAGİAD

5 August 2010- an award from the Governorship of Muğla

25 March 2011- Second novel ‘Yüzleşme’ was published

23 July 2010 - Moderating the Grand Final of IDEA Youth Forum (İnternational debate education assaciation)

23 July 2011- ‘Turkish Prodigy’ title was given by IDEA

28 July 2011- honored by the Governorship of İstanbul

15 December 2011- Third novel ‘Donmuş Ateş was published. Authograph session and first solo exhibition were organized.

27 March 2012- honored by Ministry of National Education

9 November 2012- Fourth novel ‘Kutsal Denge’ was published.

June 2013- graduated ranking 1st from the High School

12 August 2013-Honored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports

25 March 2015- Honored by Mugla sitki kocman university as one of the "100 women in 100 years"

June 2016- attended Yale Writers' Conference

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